Why we do what we do & WHO WE ARE
Education, Inspiration & Evaluation

We are seeking better times, higher talents, efficient days full of play, love and work. It is our goal to share this with you.

Meet The Good Times GUIDES
We are a community of individuals with a united vision

This tribe is dedicated to living the best life cycle possible.  We take a stand with our planet to live positively while enjoying activities at the pinnacle of excellence


The good times guide is a simple project. We’re here to help you have good times. Consider this your road map, an idea board and directions to living your best life.  

We focus on health, both mental and physical. We enable activities, both extreme and casual. We share travel, both near and far. No matter what you’re into or where you’re at I’m sure you can find benefit to this guide, maybe it’ll change your life.

In addition to offering our guide service, tutorials, opinions and methods of living, we also guide businesses into a positive direction,

We share our creative and professional skills to those who hold similar values and are willing to drive their business in a eco positive & prosperous direction.

People Behind GRIT
Meet our team
Multi Dimensional

The Good Times Guide is the creation of someone who has done a bit of everything we present, Ashlon is that person. After working in action sports marketing, sales & logistics he saw a need for someone who understands all angles of industry.


When it comes to keeping it real, we call on Ellisa.  She is our human resources specialist, staff leader, hospitality pro with deep understanding of what it takes for people to have a good time.

PHOTO, VIDEO, ADVERTISing, & Culinary Specialist

With a deep understanding of the human psyche and a keen eye for visuals, Justin creates compelling stories, magnified by advertising expertise

We know someone for

We have worked with so many talented creatives, we keep our network open and often refer and collaborate with our friends.

Good IDea

The right choice, safe option, causing no harm to others or the environment, proceed

Bad Idea

Self destructive, wasteful and mean ideas, don't proceed.


An idea that will bring great joy, despite potentially being risky or dangerous to yourself (not others), if calculated, one must proceed with rad ideas.

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