It's important to do stuff, rad stuff, stuff that gets your body moving, your mind working in dynamic ways and centers one in the present moment. This is where you learn that stuff....

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In the digital age...
We're still playing outside

It has never been more important to dedicate your time to nature. We live in a densely packed society with digital distractions coming from all angles. We all need to build habits and hobbies to spend active time outside.

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Our Watersports curriculum focuses on cultivating a diversity of skills, enabling you to become confident in any conditions or body of water.  We specialize in Kitesurfing, Foiling, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Winging & Sailing.

Looking for the ultimate Watersports vacation, we plan and perform trips to world class locations with training and equipment to provide an incredible experience

LeT's Go!
Every Environment requires a different approach

We share mountain biking with the world, by working with the Good Times Guide you can speed up your skills, skip some hard lessons & know will be riding great trails for your skill level. We've been working with mountain biking for two decades, We can teach all disciplines but have a deep love for downhill, free ride and advanced technique.

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Snow Sports

We focus on getting the good snow, in the right place at the right time. We watch the weather, book the trip & ride quality powder in the worlds best locations.  Think you can make it happen?

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In addition to activities, we love helping our students grow in other ways.  Ready to step up your photography? Want to learn to make videos? We can even help you build a website like this. We hold a diversity of creative talents we would love to share with you.

Positive Work Flow
Our Focus

The most important thing we offer is joyous experience

Leave No Trace

We treat our playground like a temple, our focus is on sustainability and renewability

Good Times

We teach advanced skills in a low pressure, fun & compassionate environment.

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