July 20, 2021
Start Mountain Biking

How to start mountain biking, then learn to shred

Can you ride a bicycle? Ever taken a hike? Okay, perfect, you are ready to start mountain biking today!

Mountain biking is one of the most enjoyable, healthy activities and exercises we can partake in. The bicycle is one of our most productive forms of transportation. This sport combines natural beauty, high or low speeds, and good ol fashion exercise. Many people have devoted their lives to the joy of mountain biking and all who ride agree, it’s a great way to have a good time and live in a present joyous moment. So how do you begin?

Basic cycling skills
First being able to ride a bike is crucial and a skill you’ll never forget, start there.

Front and rear brakes
Brake control is crucial. Your front brake has 90% of your stopping power, enough to to throw you over the bars if your weight is forward and you don’t have the rear brake engaged as well but also enough to slow you down and offer all the control you need when trails are steep and you’re going fast.

How do gears work?
Some bikes have a front(left) and a rear(right) although most modern mountain bikes have gone to a trail derailleur and high range cassette.  The front derailleur make large adjustments, bigger sprocket harder gear. Rear derailleur makes micro adjustments and is where you will focus on most of your shifting while riding, smaller cog harder gear.

Body positioning
Which foot first, how to distribute weight

When to and not to

Up hill mode vs downhill mode

Reading terrain
Ups downs rocks rolls drops jumps roots corners

Changing body positioning for terrain

Controlling speed

Momentum is your friend

High speed cornering
Drive grip and control

How to do a drop
Curb first
1ft to 20 ft

How to hit a jump

What bike to purchase?
Where how

Bike parks

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